The Reincarnated Bambuddha

Bambuddha is truly a reflection of the fascinating and inspiring, yet very complicated life of her founder John Moon. Every detail found in the village has a story of its own and every piece has been thoughtfully selected, collected and brought to Bambuddha from the world’s most distant places by John Moon on his endless travel adventures.

The venue boasts intimate bars, where you can sip on incredible cocktails, made with freshly prepared ingredients. “Flirtinis” and “Foreplays” amid ancient erotic artifacts and plush furnishings, to the sound of resident DJs. The outdoor oriental sanctuaries are perfect for balmy summer evenings and the Moonlight Lounge pagoda provides an exclusive setting for memorable VIP parties.


Our three Pirate Buddhas – representing Tolerance, Freedom and Respect – are a female, a transexual and a male, showing the diversity of human sexuality. They are of different colours representing many spiritual beliefs. They are sitting at a bar, suggesting one of life’s many possible journeys in our individual struggles towards peace and love. They are meditating on the White Light of Consciousness and the Buddha that each of us once was, when we were born, and could be again.


Bambuddha has always been pioneering and unorthodox.

Our Asian style of serving – ”sharing” and “food as it’s ready” – replaces the more formal European “starters and mains”, allowing you to enjoy a closer connection with each other while tasting a wider selection of dishes.

This ancient dining concept, which is modernised by Bambuddha, aims to bring back the dining experience to the heart of the family and social gatherings.


Dear Friends,

Since 1999 when the Black Sheep of restaurants; Bambuddha, first opened her doors, she has often been overwhelmed by the demands and rhythm of seasonal Ibiza, the lifestyle of the residents and high expectations of the growing numbers of discerning multinational visitors, who seek to experience the Ibiza and Bambuddha phenomena.

It has been a tumultuous journey, from inception, as a spiritual social center for friends, to a Temple Restaurant.

We have enjoyed and tolerated Bambuddha through her growing pains, tantrums and chaos, disorderly conduct, infancy and terrible twos, preschool years, junior high school, teens and middle age.

She has survived each test thrown at her, overcoming all obstacles, including the challenging refurbishment during the 2013 season and winter.

She is now grown-up and is blossoming into her most beautiful mature form.

She is healthy, wealthy and wise, Spiritually enlightened, lovingly Sexual, gracious with her insecurity, her heart is open to harmonious evolution.
She humbly provides food and service, happily hosting fun parties and friends, in a joyous environment with a ‘Pirate-Buddha’ Tantra Philosophy
I trust that we fulfill our part for you to enjoy your most orgasmic Tribal – Ibiza decadent – summer.


Black Sheep Tribe Bible

IBIZA: The white island, the most westerly island of the Mediterranean
GODDESS: Tanit, ruler of the dark side of the Moon ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Scorpio
SEX: Female (The most easterly island is Cyprus and the Goddess is Aphrodite, the ruler of the light side of the moon) Ibiza and Es Vedra are the Carthaginian doorway to Heaven. Situated on the planet most illustrious Ley Lines, 100mls north of Tangier-Africa 100mls East of Alicante-Spain.

JOHN MOON’S DEFINITION OF THE BLACK SHEEP: Diamond, Reckless, Iconoclast, Outsider, Nomad, Bohemian, Maverick, Loner, Different, Unconventional, Dissatisfied, Shunned,Truthful, Separate, Seeker, Individual, Gem, Star, Conscious, Rogue, Revolutionary, Dissident, Wild, Counterculture, Path-Breaker, Conscientious Objector.

SOCIETY’S DEFINITION OF THE BLACK SHEEP: Pervert, Unprincipled, Reprobate, Undesirable, Weird, Rogue, Obstreperous, Thorn in the Flesh, Square peg in a round hole, Against the flow, Freak, Odd.